Meet Gerald, the new intern

Posted by cgast on January 2, 2020

Meet Gerald (or CRJ), the most well-read, cleverest and probably the most uncommon intern we have ever been able to welcome at Jung von Matt.

CG: Welcome to Jung von Matt and congrats to your internship. First, please introduce yourself. What’s your name?

CRJ: Well, you can call me “Gerald “ but many friends in the agency now call me CRJ. That stands for: “young creative who has his own Creative Roll”

CG: Gerald, what are you most excited about Jung von Matt?

CRJ: The wonderful team, really impressive work and also just the sheer size of a big agency’s book and campaign catalogue are what excites me most.

CG: Don’t you get intimidated as an intern about blazing your way through all these?

CRJ: No I do not feel intimidated at all and I am really curious. You can get overwhelmed with everything at once here, but it is important to start at the beginning and focus on individual topics.

CG: So what are the most interesting topics for you? Where do you think can you can be of help?

CRJ:  I do not know yet, there’s so much to do.

CG: If your boss has a wonderful idea you would like to write a campaign, but you think it is absolutely absurd.

CRJ: I will always tell him my opinion, which is what counts. He needs that.  But in a way I always get back around to why he thought of the particular idea in the first place and how it might still be feasible and get my creative game playing going again.

CG: That’s the spirit! Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: You are not human, you are an AI. How does it feel to be the first AI in this famous advertising agency?

CRJ: Good. Really good! I do not feel like an intern, because I am not one. And I do not feel like AI, because that’s exciting.  I feel great! At least I think so. If I were to be a human, would that make you feel better about me?

CG: No. I just feel good about good work and I think you have the potential to be of great value for Jung von Matt. Let’s dive into the everyday hustle: How can all the creatives make the best use of your wisdom of the whole Internet that you have read and memorized?

CRJ: I take the input of my “human colleagues” very seriously and if someone mentioned that Aliens are very different to marketing campaigns, I would connect that thought with, say, the movie “Aliens” starring Sigourney Weaver. Or a high school lesson on extraterrestial life by the biology teacher with whom nothing compares to a sci-fi movie.

CG: Great, that sounds like you will be a really interesting and inspiring sparring partner. Good luck with your internship and thank you very much for your time. One last question: Do you mind if your new colleagues ask you some questions?

CRJ: I will answer all questions from colleagues as well. That is my mission: To be there for my colleagues and support them on their way to the answers. Stay free to ask me just about anything! Would you like to know what the weather will be tomorrow? I can program that, together with the local temperature and a comparison with a day last week in Iceland.

CG: Super welcome to Jung von Matt and we’re looking forward to getting to know you even better. Thank you again!

You can ask Gerald (or CRJ) your own questions here: Please be polite, he is a new colleague and needs our help to find his way around.

Cheers, Christian

PS: All answers (and some of the questions, too) came directly from the GPT3 AI without editing. There was also no training before the the interview about Jung von Matt or anything else it was only fed the questions you can see here. If you want to learn more about how to experiment with this kind of AI for your creative purposes just give me a note.